DigitalOcean Droplets For WISECP

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DigitalOcean Droplets For WISECP helps to reduce the manual provisioning by automating the operations performed on VMs (virtual machines). With this module, you can stay on your website while managing your servers - thanks to all the configurable options offered.

Another striking feature of this module is the ability to control everything remotely. This helps your customers to control the functioning of their Droplets. Thus, the users can install/re-install the OS, backup automatically, modify DNS records etc.

Features List:  

Admin Area Features:  

  1. Product Configurable options
  2. Create droplet
  3. Suspend
  4. Unsuspend
  5. Terminate
  6. Send email to customers with droplet credentials
  7. Show droplet in admin service page
  8. Start droplet
  9. Stop droplet
  10. Reboot Droplet.

Client Area Features:  

  1. Show droplet information
  2. Show network information
  3. Start droplet
  4. Stop droplet
  5. Reboot Droplet
  6. Enable/Disable Backup
  7. Manage Snapshots
  8. Manage Firewall rules
  9. Buy additional snapshots
  10. Droplet logs


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In addition to WISECP System Requirements, the following requirements must also be available on your server.

Digital Ocean API
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