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Hello Dear Business Partners and Customers,

As, Turkey's domestic cloud computing company, we aim to offer you the most innovative solutions in the industry.

In this context, today we published our new VPS reseller module, which we developed specifically for WISECP, in order to make our cloud server services more accessible and manageable.

This module includes a number of features that will enable our corporate and individual users to provide Cloud Server services to their customers smoothly and quickly. The main features our module offers are:

Easy Integration: You can integrate it into the WISECP system in minutes and start using it immediately.

Automatic Cloud Server Activation: You can automatically activate cloud servers for your customers and provide servers without wasting time.

Admin and User-Side Server Power Management: Both you and your customers can easily control server power management and perform reboots or shutdowns.

User-Side Reinstallation: Your customers can easily reinstall their servers whenever they need.

Automatic Suspension and Unsuspension: Servers can be automatically suspended or reactivated in cases such as payment problems.

Automatic Termination: Servers that have expired are automatically terminated, reducing your management burden.

As, we aim to provide uninterrupted, reliable and high-performance cloud computing services to our customers.  With this new Cloud Server Reseller module we have developed, we aim to make it easier for our valued business partners to expand their customer base and increase their income.

To get more information about the module and how to integrate it, you can visit Github WISECP.

Let's join hands for a borderless future in cloud computing.


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Seher K.

10/03/2024 - 01:51

Süper çalışıyor, bulut sunucuları yeniden satışta çok rahatladık.


In addition to WISECP System Requirements, the following requirements must also be available on your server.

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