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WireGuard Business-VPN module WISECP

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The WireGuard Business-VPN module is designed to provide a customizable Virtual Private Network service for business clients who have the capability to independently manage their VPN accounts.

At its core, the module gives the end customer control over a group of VPN account entries, allowing them to add, remove, block, and perform port forwarding on these accounts. All accounts are part of a unified network and share a common external IP address. Additionally, there's a feature enabling internal traffic to be routed among these accounts.

This innovative system empowers end clients to establish corporate private networks tailored to their own customers. With the flexibility to manage VPN accounts and the added functionality of internal traffic forwarding, businesses can customize their VPN service to meet the specific needs of their clientele.

The module require the PUQVPNCP control panel with active license.

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WISECP: v3.1.5+, php: v8.x, Ioncube: V12+

Supports protocols:
  • WireGuard
  • IKEv2
Module Functions:
  • Auto create and deploy VPN account/accounts
  • Suspend/Unsuspend/Delete/Change Package
  • Port forwarding
  • Module require active PUQVPNCP API (need separte license)
  • Possibility to set Bandwidth speed limits per client VPN account
  • Module supports multilingualism (Arabic, Azerbaijani, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Farsi, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Macedonian, Norwegian, Polish,  Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian)
  • Link to instructions for setting up the service in the client area.
  • Mechanism for working with servers and server groups
Available options in the admin panel:
  • Create users
  • Suspend users
  • Unsuspend users
  • Delete users
  • Change Package
  • VPN connection status
Available options in the client panel:
  • Links in the form of buttons to the instruction and VPN clients
  • General information about the service
  • Password change option (for IKEv2)
  • One-time link generation button for transmitting authorization data
  • Option to download WireGuard configuration as a file
  • QR code for WireGuard configuration
  • Server certificate download button (for IKEv2)
  • Download button for the profile for the strongSwan mobile application (for IKEv2)
  • VPN connection status


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In addition to WISECP System Requirements, the following requirements must also be available on your server.

WISECP: v3.1.5+, php: v8.x, Ioncube: V12+
PUQVPNCP control panel with active license (Documentation: | Download: | Order Now:

1.207/04/2024 Last Version

- Added "endpoint configuration option" to service configuration


- Fixed a bug with some cases where it was not possible to delete the server - Improved security


First version

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