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With WISECP if you need your support experience secure, we have created a simple way to verify your customer account.

When your Support team needs to verify customer identity and account access, they will request a customer Support PIN. This PIN is unique to each customer. So no need to ask for any personal details like email, name etc now with our module. The support agent can simply ask Support PIN.


  1. Enable Pin Generate Option
  2. Pin Length
  3. Auto Pin generates when user signup
  4. Hide Full Pin
  5. Show pin in the client profile
  6. Pin Encryption
  7. Show pin in client profile under admin
  8. Show pin on sidebar or Support Menu or Both
  9. Multi-Languages supported
  10. Copy Pin
  11. Admin can see all support pins
  12. Admin can delete support pin
  13. Dashboard widget to find pin


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In addition to WISECP System Requirements, the following requirements must also be available on your server.

No special server configuration needed. Requires PHP 7.0+ and WISECP installed
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