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This work with ClouDNS paid and free version. This module is about an open provider as a domain registrar solution. If you want to register, transfer your customer using openProvider in WISECP then the OpenProvider registrar module is the best module for you.

Admin Area Features

  1. Register the domain
  2. Transfer the domain
  3. Transfer the domain
  4. Delete the domain
  5. Update the Name Server
  6. Bulk Price

Client Area Feature

  1. Whois Information
  2. Manage DNS
  3.  Enable/Disable DNSSEC
  4.  Security Check
  5.  Get Transfer Code
  6. Get EPP code
  7. Lock/Unlock Registration

Module Supported: WISECP V 2.3.2

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In addition to WISECP System Requirements, the following requirements must also be available on your server.

1. WISECP installed
2. PHP 7. x
3. Ioncube 10 or later
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