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You can set up your settings in minutes without the need for an official API and send WhatsApp messages to your customers from your own number instead of SMS.

The plugin is free, but the use of the API service comes with a fee. You can also purchase a 3-day trial account before fully committing.

Once you purchase the API service, you can use the infrastructure in your other software as well. For detailed information about the API, you can visit here.

Plugin Installation:

  1. Save the API information you received on the plugin settings page.
  2. Scan the QR code you see on the page with the WhatsApp account from which you want to send messages.
  3. Select kWhatsapp as the Active Module in the SMS settings.
  4. After that, the system will send messages to the customer as if you had entered and sent them from the WhatsApp account you defined, instead of using SMS.

There is a monthly limit of 9000 messages for API usage.


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In addition to WISECP System Requirements, the following requirements must also be available on your server.

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