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Kamatera Cloud is a user-friendly interface to deploy and manage virtual machines, we are happy to announce that we have created an module called Kamatera Cloud Automation i.e if you are a reseller of Kamatera then using this module your customers are able to manage their Instances from your WISECP panel.

========================= ADMIN FEATURES =========================

  • Power On/Power Off /Reboot
  • Reset Password
  • View Instance Information
  • View IP v4 Address
  • Rebuild Instance
  • Create/Suspend/Unsuspend/Terminate
  • List all Instances/ Import and assign to customer

========================= CLIENT FEATURES =========================

  • Power On/Power Off /Reboot
  • Reset Password
  • View Instance Information
  • View IP v4 Address
  • Rebuild Instance

========================= CONFIGURABLE OPTIONS =========================

  • Location


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Jasper W.

22/03/2024 - 19:38

My colleague helped me buy the module, and after we installed it on our hosting server, the WISECP website showed blank, and everything did not work.

Then we submitted a support ticket to WHMCSModule Networks, told them the issue and asked them to access my cPanel and help to fix the issue. They just ask: what happened? And I repeat the issue and request to access the panel to fix it again, then they ask: what’s your ioncube version? Every response with slowly answering….

Our ticket create on 21-3-2024 (Hong Kong Time), I just want support to fix it… When I write this review is 23-3-2024 (Hong Kong Time), just got 2 responses for above question. I am so disappointed with the poor support and I think they are absolutely not 24/7 available which they promised, at least not for my case.

If you want to buy their module, please reconsider before payment, since they are not offering refund policy…. All products non-refundable…


In addition to WISECP System Requirements, the following requirements must also be available on your server.

WISECP Latest Version
PHP 7.4 with Ioncube Loader v12
Module License Key
Kamatera API Keys
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